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InLaw Suites

What Are In-Law Suite?

in law suitesThe last decade has seen a return to the multi-generational family living arrangements of days gone by, where children, parents, grandparents, sometimes even great-grandparents all live together.

There are several reasons for the extended family coming home: aging parents, financial reasons, grown children needing to establish or re-establish themselves following a job loss, college graduation, or divorce.

To meet the needs of each generation, a growing demand for separate living spaces, along with common gathering areas, has arisen. This new type of room addition or renovation is becoming known as the in-law suite.

New homes can be designed to anticipate the future need to care for aging parents as well as provide room for other family members (such as grown children) and guests. For those not planning on building a new home or moving to a larger home, a properly-designed in-law suite can meet a variety of present and future needs, while creating a pleasurable experience for all who share a home.

For those facing the difficult decision of placing a parent in a retirement or nursing home, the in-law suite is an ideal alternative that allows the adult child to be nearby, yet still somewhat separate from their aging parent. They may monitor the safety of their loved one while overseeing medical issues such as routine doctor visits and medications, as well as offer companionship to a lonely family member.

In-law suites offer privacy, dignity, and semi-independent living for seniors. More than just a master bedroom, the in-law suite can be a mini-apartment, comparable to a retirement home, complete with separate small kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and a private entrance. Such an arrangement gives the resident a sense of having their own space while easing worries about being a bother to the younger family members. 

Each suite is custom built to allow for accessibility, mobility, and safety issues unique to the resident. For greater privacy and flexibility, in-law suites can be constructed in the style of a detached guest house, enhancing the overall appearance and value of a residence.

The introduction of natural hardwood flooring, natural wood cabinetry, granite or marble countertops, and natural trim may enhance the air quality of indoor spaces for loved ones.

When planning an in-law suite to care for the aging, it is advisable to think beyond a single use, allowing for the future use of that space, such as a home office or recreation area conversion.

Whether it's a detached guest house, or a mini-apartment within the main home, the in-law suite anticipates and meets a variety of needs.

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